Hot days harvesting in the garden

lettuce harvest mosa 1june09 spinach harvesting

With this hot, sunny weather, the garden is growing like crazy! The first days of the month are always really busy at the Food Bank, and to meet the demand, we harvested enough lettuce, kale, spinach, chard, broccoli, bok choi and herbs to provide over 100 generously-filled bags of fresh produce.

produce section

The shelves are now well-stocked! Other gardeners have been bringing in their vegetables, too, and all of it is just flying out the door.

beets planting beans planting2

It’s also full-on planting time, especially for the beans, squash and cucumbers.

grass mulching grass and bok choi

Mulching with grass clippings keeps the weeds down, holds the moisture in, and fertilizes as they break down. Make sure no herbicides or “Weed and Feed” were used on the grass, mulch about 1 inch thick, and make sure the grass clippings are “fluffy and cool”, i.e. not too hot or clumped from sitting in a pile.

angus tilling header3 garden 1june09

As we harvested from the garden, each of us was filled with gratitude and wonder at how much has been accomplished in a very short time. Much appreciation to all the hard-working volunteers and generous donors!