Service Learning from Edmonds Community College

The “Learn and Serve” program (LEAF) of Edmonds Community College came to Good Cheer on Friday, May 22nd to learn how about how the Good Cheer Food Bank operation works, and to serve in the food bank, distribution center and garden.

edmonds cc at good cheer langley

Gail Thomas gave a tour of the Good Cheer Langley thrift store, and explained how, since 1962, Good Cheer has funded the food bank through the thrift store.

Then the students toured the Food Bank and Distribution Center at Bayview, working in both places to gain that experience. After lunch, it was out to the garden to see how it is providing fresh produce for the Food Bank, and to help!

edmonds cc mulch and water edmonds cc weeding squash slope

The students mulched and watered new starts, weeded the big slope where the squash will go,

edmonds cc prepping for square ft garden edmonds cc sq ft garden talk

prepared the ground for the Square Foot Garden beds, and learned about this method of small space gardening,

edmonds cc prepping squash slope 2 edmonds cc planting squash

prepared the ground for the squash starts, and planted some!

compost bin compost temperature

They also flipped the compost in the bins, adding grass clippings to get it hot again. And indeed, in just a couple days, the temperature in the turned-over pile hit 150 degrees!

Edmonds cc group photo

Many thanks for all the great service, and the opportunity to share the Good Cheer Food Bank!