Harvesting, planting, soil prep- it’s all happening now!

Harvesting, planting, hoophousing, mulching, irrigating, weeding, composting, small space/container gardening: lot’s happening!

lettuce harvesting lettuce

Rose Rivera harvests lettuce! We have about 70 heads that are heading into the food bank. A kale harvest is next, and local gardeners have also started to bring in wonderful produce.

radishes radishes french breakfast

Lynn Willeford harvests French Breakfast radishes that had been planted by the “Alternatives to Detention” youth crew.

hoophouse digging soil hoophouse making edges on beds

Lily Fox and Shawn Morris continued the deep digging of the tomato beds and then built the edges on one side. Kennedy Horstman edged the other side, and….

tomatoes planting Jamie McNett planted the tomatoes!

cloche baby all covered up The hoophouse had a baby!

cloche baby making bed cloche baby planting

This is a cloche (covered growing space) made from an old clothes rack from Good Cheer.  Michael Nelson sifted the soil, added manure and amendments, ran string between the ends to provide the support for the floating row cover, planted it, and covered it up to keep the heat in.

raspberries papering edge raspberries mulching on top of paper

The grass was starting to grow in from the fence line towards the raspberries. Janet Ploof and Eve Carty took cardboard from the Good Cheer recycling dumpster, laid it on the grass, and covered it with mulch. Presto! No more grass and the moisture will be held in, also.

Bayview high school planting seeds planting leeks lettuce mesclun

Bayview High School students Jesse Dale, Jenna Manapule, Kelsey Matzen, Alex Orr and Mac Warwick and teacher Michele Sakaguchi planted a variety of the less common veggies: turnips, parsnips, broccoli raab and collards to see how they’d do. Janet Ploof, Kate Boulware and Judy Furukawa planted leeks, mesclun mix, and lettuce.

lettuce in basket From field to food bank, that’s what it’s all about!