Service Learning from Edmonds Community College

The “Learn and Serve” program (LEAF) of Edmonds Community College came to Good Cheer on Friday, May 22nd to learn how about how the Good Cheer Food Bank operation works, and to serve in the food bank, distribution center and garden. Gail Thomas gave a tour of the Good Cheer Langley thrift store, and … More Service Learning from Edmonds Community College

Lettuce and kale bounty!

The harvest is coming on strong with the kale and lettuce! Lots of veggies to wash and spin. Volunteers are now needed to help with this! More irrigation lines go in to water the new lettuce and bok choi starts that Molly Petersons grew for the garden. We have lots of tomato starts! We’re potting … More Lettuce and kale bounty!

Harvesting, planting, soil prep- it’s all happening now!

Harvesting, planting, hoophousing, mulching, irrigating, weeding, composting, small space/container gardening: lot’s happening! Rose Rivera harvests lettuce! We have about 70 heads that are heading into the food bank. A kale harvest is next, and local gardeners have also started to bring in wonderful produce. Lynn Willeford harvests French Breakfast radishes that had been planted by … More Harvesting, planting, soil prep- it’s all happening now!

An amazing start to May!

Everywhere you look in the garden these days, something is happening! More seeds sprouting and being sown, irrigation installed, herbs planted, starts donated, beds weeded, beds sifted, manure delivered and turned into the soil, compost cooking, and hoophouse hopping with tomatoes. After the stretch of dry weather, it was crunch time for the watering. … More An amazing start to May!