First harvest, and we also have water!

harvest-bok-choi-ready harvesting-bok-choi

harvest-bok-choi-in-kitchen harvest-in-produce-section harvest-bok-choi-in-produce-section

Bok choi has the honors of being the first crop harvested from the garden! It was starting to bolt so Judy Bierman and Shirley Tinkler cut it while still tender and sweet, and walked it in the door to the food bank. Ready for stir fry!

watering-blueberries We now have running water! Jim Troxel planted 7 new blueberry plants and watered them right in with the new water system.

water-connection-boxes1 A big thanks to Mike Helland for the complicated work of connecting the devices needed for pressure reduction, back flow prevention, filtration, metering, draining and shut-off (a feat requiring four boxes of equipment!)

compost-third-tumbler-apples-go-in compost-third-tumbler-damien-turning

Three compost tumblers are now filled with food waste that previously would have been tossed in the dumpster. Damien Cortez is rotating the tumbler after Sharon Emerson filled it.

grass-clippings Check out the new compost bins! Dan Morris brought over lots of chemical-free grass clippings to use and we mixed it with alpaca manure from Sonshine Alpaca Farm and straw, and the compost is cooking!

planting-peas-north-fence1 Kate Boulware planted Sugar Snap peas along the north fence. We also planted more carrots and lettuce. All wonderfully watered in with the new system!

sifting-three-crews-at-once Three sifters and crews were going today, finishing off another 5 beds. Only 10 more to go!

Many thanks to Judy Bierman, Kate Boulware, Eve Carty, Sharon Emerson, Margaret and Kara Moore, Dan Morris, Brian Pike, Dave Roberts-Ludy, Al Slader, Shirley Tinkler, Jim Troxel and Sonshine Alpaca Farms.

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