More compost bins!

compost-bins-first-pallet1 compost-bins-first-section-done1 compost-bins-finish-section-2 compost-bins-all-finished3

Dan Kostek and Janet Hall built a 3-bin compost system by wiring together pallets. Here’s how to do it:

compost-bins-mix-straw-and-manure1 grass-clippings1

We put them right to use, mixing together alpaca manure from Sonshine Alpaca Farm, herbicide-free grass from Dan Morris, and straw. Michela Mattens will take the temperature regularly to see how hot it gets.


Three of the compost tumblers have been filled up with food waste that used to go to the dumpster! Janet Hall, Waste Wise Coordinator checked to see how they’re doing, while compost interns Dan Kostek and Michela Mattens look on.

compost-tumblers-janet-michele-dan-turning Grass was added to heat it up, the tumblers rotated to mix it, and we are in production!

On-site but not yet in service…. two new worm bins. Stay tuned!

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