Planting continues!

7apr09-showing-off-lettuce2 We pulled back the floating row cover to see how the starts were doing….and they’re doing great! The row cover keeps them warm, protects from the drying wind, and keeps pests out.


Babies! When we pulled the row cover off to check on the radishes and spinach seeds planted last week…. they had sprouted! Those tiny little green butterfly-looking shapes are the radishes coming up and there is also a tiny spinach sprout.

7apr09-more-carrot-plantings 7apr09-multiplying-onions1

Carrots, beets and lettuce seeds were planted in the beds; multiplier onions and calendula set in the raised box bed; and wildflowers strewn along the road side. The radish and spinach seeds planted last week have sprouted!

7apr09-leaf-mould-on-peas The peas were mulched with the leaf mould from Brookhaven, while the seemingly endless soil sifting job continues in the background. We’re over halfway done with that time-consuming, but necessary soil prep.

7apr09-planting-prune-plum Another Italian prune plum tree!

7apr09-terracing-slope 7apr09-terraced-beds-finished

The upper beds were terraced and manured.

7apr09-potato-box 7apr09-planting-potatoes-in-box

Potatoes were planted in the new potato box. The idea is that as the potatoes grow, they are covered by straw, and 2 x 4’s are added going up the frame. An experiment!

Many thanks to Kate Boulware, Eve Carty, Irene Christopherson, Judy Furukawa, Mike Negrete, Melissa Russell, Serafina Strickland and Shirley Tinkler for sifting, manuring, mulching and planting. Judy Bierman terraced the upper beds, and built the potato box.

Thanks also to our plant donors: Bayview Farm and Garden for an Italian Prune Plum tree, Doug Troxel for blueberries, Christina Kahn for multiplier onions, Lauren Tyme for potatoes, Pam Mitchell for endive, corn salad, broccoli, onion, leek and cauliflower starts.

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