When will it warm up?

We now have 10 beds planted with starts and seeds: lettuce, chard, kale, bok choi, spinach, carrots, radishes, peas, beets, and parsley!


But it sure was cold and miserable planting the peas!

planting-spinach-with-seed-tape planting-spinach-row-all-done

Spinach was planted in a flash thanks to seed tape.  For those small and hard to plant seeds like carrots and lettuce, seed tape is a great way to get proper spacing, reduce thinning, and make planting easier.

For the “how-to” on seed tape, go to https://goodcheergarden.wordpress.com/gardening-tips/making-seed-tape/

hoophouse-hoops-starting hoophouse-hoops-installed

Master Gardener interns are making progress on the hoophouse! Next is preparing the soil, installing the end walls, putting up the plastic, and we’ll be growing tomatoes and basil!

fence-gate-angus-finishing-up Angus Buchanan continues work on the fence— we now have two lovely gates!

alternatives-to-detention The soil prep continues! Leon Shordon, Island County Juvenile Court, and his Alternatives to Detention crew did great work sifting two more beds on a (finally!) sunny day. We’ve been falling behind on getting the soil prepared due to the rainy weather, and all those grass clods in the unsifted beds are starting to sprout!

Many thanks to Eve Carty and Melanie Lowey for braving the elements to plant peas; Eliza Hudson for planting the spinach; Master Gardeners Chris Cooley, Nancy Heinz, Andrea Klein, Pat Matthews, Pat McMahon and Margaret O’Brien for building the hoophouse; Angus Buchanan for his ongoing fence work; and Leon Shordon and the Alternatives to Detention crew for soil sifting, planting, fence work and seed sorting.

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