Water lines installed!

We have the soil, and the sun… but we needed water! The South Whidbey Lions showed up in force this week to do the enormous job of installing a water line to the garden, and setting up all the hose bibs.

water-install-digging-for-main water-system-more-digging-for-main

They located the water line to the Food Bank from the main.

water-install-trench-digging water-system-trencher

water-line-sw-lions And trenched 500 feet of line!

water-install-laying-pipe water-system-gluing-pipes

Laid out pipes and glued them all together,

water-install-making-hose-stands water-install-hose-standpipes

And made the standpipes for the hoses and irrigation lines.

Next, the pressure reducer, meter, filter and other valves will be installed right after the main and we’ll have water!

Many, many thanks to the South Whidbey Lions: Maury Hood, (who is also a Good Cheer Board Member), Bob Davis, Betty Eakin, Ralph and Troy Nakamura, Robert Lowey, Rosemary Martin, Terry Minton, Diana Putney, Rob Setlow and Arnie Wellman. Don Rodrigues and Dan Prewitt did the heavy job of trenching. Thanks also to Al Slader and Jim Troxell.

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