First veggies planted!

first-veggies-holding-trays Molly Petersons brought the starts she’s been growing for the garden – 12 flats of lettuce, kale, chard, spinach, oriental vegetables, peas, leeks, onions and parsley!

first-veggies-mollys-start-spacer first-veggies-in-the-ground

It was pouring rain! Molly showed us her nifty start spacer, and we set out the rows, and started planting!Β  The first veggies are in the ground!

first-veggies-everyone-planting Three whole beds of greens, plus

first-veggies-planting-peas1 Peas Β  first-veggies-planting-radish-seeds1 Radishes

first-veggies-box-beds-and-raised-beds And two box beds now filled with topsoil, with a half bed of parsley planted. We covered the raised beds with floating row cover to keep the new plants warm and protect them from the crows. The garden is growing!

Many thanks to Molly Petersons for growing the beautiful vegetable starts and showing us how to space and plant them, and to Damien Cortez, Judy Furukawa, Dan Kostek, Mike Negrete, Carrie Olofson, Melissa Russell and Serafina Strickland for the planting!

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