Spring Equinox

molly-start-spacer Molly Petersons has been growing us starts in “soil blocks” – compressed squares of potting soil. To plant them, she uses this handy dandy spacer, made from an old lawn mower handle and blocks of wood, which she is bringing to the work party on Wednesday, March 25th.Β  We’ll be using it to set out the starts that she has been growing for us. If you’d like to see it in action, and plant some of our first starts, come on by!

seed-tape-closeup Seed tape makes planting those difficult small seeds like carrots and lettuce a lot easier. Lynn Willeford has been diligently making seed tape with a simple method using toilet paper and flour paste. Stay tuned for a “how to make your own seed tape” posting.

sifting-more-2 Soil sifting is one of those up-front labors of love that will make the planting much easier, and reduce weeding later. We’re about a third of the way done, and still have many beds to sift. Come help if you can!

fence-north-side fence-angus-finishing-it-off

Also on this spring equinox day, the north fence went up, and Angus put the finishing touches to the southeast corner. Next are the cedar extenders for the deer wire. The fence on the east will be incorporated into the volunteer’s shed, vegetable washing pavilion and the hoophouse.

topsoil-delivery Paula Pugh delivered topsoil mixed with composted manure for our boxes. We still need much more! Let us know if you can spare a truckload.

So that was our Spring Equinox work party- many thanks to all those who helped! Join us on Wednesday, March 25th for planting and soil prep.

Many thanks to Paula & Jim Pugh for topsoil and composted manure; Irene Christofferson, Mark Dworkin, Mike Negrete, Zack Norman, Landon Primose, Loretta Wilson and Melissa Young for sifting soil; Angus Buchanan for continued fence work; Sally Cahill for digging up the scotch broom.

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