Getting ready for the plants

starts-in-the-greenhouse While we have been working outside to get the garden ready, Molly Petersons has been busy in the greenhouse, growing starts for Good Cheer! These little veggies will be planted on Wednesday, March 25.


That’s why we’re out there in force, with three sets of soil sifters going during the work party on March 18th, getting the soil ready for Molly’s starts. And while the sifters were sifting….

hoophouse-on-flatbed hoophouse-transporting

hoophouse-end-piece The hoophouse pieces arrived! Thanks to Jane and Jim Hyde and their flatbed truck for transporting the pieces to the garden.

Veggie growers Pam Mitchell and Serafina Strickland had complementary winter disasters with their hoophouses, so we’re putting them together. Master Gardener interns Chris Cooley, Andrea Klein, Nancy Hindes, Duri Majovsky, Pat Matthews and Pat McMahon have taken this on as their project. Stay tuned!

leaf-mold-pile More leaf mould arrived. Here Linda Irvine and Peter Martin stand atop the yummy pile of leaves they have been hauling from Brookhaven. These leaves will be great mulch and compost!

sifting-more And the sifters just kept on sifting, with different waves of volunteers coming throughout the day. Soil prep continues on Saturday, March 21st and Wednesday, March 25th. Stay tuned for more news about planting!

Many thanks to Judy Bierman, Carrie Carpenter, Ryan Cribbs, Sharon Emerson, Melanie Lowey, Mike Negrete, David Roberts-Ludy, Louise Salmin, Shirley Tinker, and Claire Williamson for sifting soil; Chris Cooley, Andrea Klein, Pat Matthews, Pat McMahon and Serafina Strickland for bringing Serafina’s hoophouse pieces to the garden, Pam Mitchell for the PVC pipe and rebar from her winter-damaged hoophouse, and Jane and Jim Hyde for transporting the end walls; and Linda Irvine and Peter Martin for hauling leaf mould.