Compost tumblers in action!

compost-tumbler-training It has long been a wish of the staff and volunteers to recycle the volumes of food waste into usable compost, instead of throwing it into the dumpster. Dominique Emerson took the initiative to make this dream a reality, and asked her friends to join her in donating to the compost project at Good Cheer. Thanks to Dominique, Betty Cornelson, Betty Franklin, Diane Kendy and Kristin Lasher, we were able to purchase three large compost tumblers from Mantis, who gave a hefty discount. Much appreciation also to Gary Hess, who assembled all three tumblers.

Janet Hall, WSU Extension “Waste Wise” program coordinator, is demonstrating the proper mix of nitrogen (food) and carbon (straw) to make compost.

compost-tumbler-rotating After the food scraps and straw are put in the tumbler, and the latches closed, Damien Cortez demonstrates how it’s rotated five times to keep it aerated and mixed. We are all on a learning curve as to how to use these tumblers, and are looking forward to putting the compost made into the garden!

compost-bins-all-in-a-row Wow! Welcome to Compost Lane! Shortly after the training, Gary brought the third MantisT bin (the brown ones), and Janet finished assembling the Jora bin (on the far right). Now we have some serious compost capacity. The first tumbler on the left has already been filled, and we are starting on the second one.