Beds all created but lots more soil prep needed

last-cross-path-made The last path was completed!
All beds have now been made.

picking-out-rocks sifting-the-soil

Rocks were removed by hand, or by using a soil sifter.

We need lots more help with preparing the beds! Come to our work party on Wednesday, March 11th and help us with this big job. If we have enough help, we can sift the rocks and grass clumps out of the beds. This will take a big effort, but save hours on weeding later on, and be better for the plants.

restocking-the-seed-rack The seeds available at the Food Bank are flying off the rack. We’ve had to restock it several times in the last week!

planting-the-last-fruit-tree header-cuts-on-the-fruit-trees

The last fruit tree – a pear – was planted and pruned. We now have 5 trees planted: 3 plums and 2 pears.

Our weekly work party is every Wednesday, from 9 am – 4 pm, with a picnic lunch at noon. Come anytime during the day! Right now we need lots of help with the bed prep.

Thanks to Mike Negrete and Eve Carty for finishing off making the paths and for sifting beds, Irene Christofferson for re-stocking the seed rack and removing rocks from the beds; Kathy McLaughlin for donating a pear tree, Kristi Eager and her sons Kellen and Cody for picking rocks out the beds, and Randy Wall for donating a scale to weigh the vegetables.