The first plantings!


It was a cold and blustery day on our Wednesday work party, but the volunteers were not daunted by threatening skies and gusting winds.


The first bed was prepped by loosening the soil, turning in manure, weeding out the clumps of grass, and raking. And then… our first plants were placed in the ground– fall-bearing golden raspberries!


Bags of topsoil, and rest of the lumber we needed to finish the boxes were all donated.


The boxes were finished and two of them set in the ground.


Soil was added, and the first strawberries planted!



Five more boxes need to be filled with topsoil! Do you have any? We can haul!



The lime was spread, and more beds created above the picnic area.

start-potato-container planting-potatoes

The first pot of the container demonstration garden was set in the ground, and planted with potatoes.


The Ed Hume seeds are now neatly organized, ready to distribute to gardeners to grow a row for Good Cheer.


And, last but not least, Hanna and her dad donated 10 shovels and 4 rakes. We’re now ready for the work party on Saturday, Feb. 28th!

Many thanks to Judy Bierman, Eve Carty, Christopher Diggins, Hanna Diggins, Margaret O’Brien, Julie Pigott, Geri Pilcher, Melissa Russell, Ginny Snyder, Serafina Strickland, Marcia Wiley, Blake Willeford, and Jill Miller.  Thanks also to donations from Ace Hardware, Skagit Farmer’s Supply, Frontier Lumber, and Pam Mitchell (Pam’s Place Produce).