We have raised beds!

more-staking staking-the-field

fields-stakedThe field was tilled and ready to go. Master Gardeners staked out the beds and paths. Now we faced the enormous job of making the garden beds!

Then, on this sunny February afternooon…. sixteen Whidbey Island Waldorf School Third Graders, accompanied by their teacher and families, descended upon the garden, and started to work…


In a little over one hour, through the work of many shovels, all the paths were flipped over onto the beds, creating the raised beds. Even the rocks were picked out, and the beds raked. It was truly a magnificent and successful endeavor!



But that was not all! The third graders then dug a hole, mixed it with compost, and planted the first fruit tree- an Italian Prune Plum, donated by their class, and marked with a special sign “Blessings on the Blossoms”.

waldorf-group-photo31What an amazing afternoon– our first tree, and the raised beds made, thanks to the hands and hearts of the Waldorf School Third Grade.

Many, many thanks to teacher Angela Lindstrom, her students Silas Batiste, Vienna Canright, Julia Hess, Arthur Keast, Brad Marklin, Adrian Martin, Sarah Rodden, Willa Rohrer, Connor Ryan, Margeaux Scholz, Odin Rasmussen, Jesse Smith, Cedar Stephans, Evan Suzuki, Kiyoko Thelen, John Thomas, and their families.

Thanks also to Master Gardeners Penny Harger, Georgene Jacobs. Melissa Russell, David Shoup, and Serafina Strickland, and to Sara Birger and Mully Mullally for help with the staking.

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