Martin Luther King “Day of Service”

We had an amazing “Day of Service” on Martin Luther King Day! In the glorious sun, over thirty volunteers came to help in the garden, and we accomplished everything we set out to do!

The manure was weeded and spread out, irrigation tubing organized, debris cleaned up and hauled away, and blackberry roots and rocks dug out. Thanks also to those who did the advance work of donating manure and hauling manure, and taking down the willows shading the garden. The garden is now prepped and ready to till.

The Ed Hume Seed Company gave a HUGE seed donation to the Good Cheer Garden! We had lots of help sorting and counting the hundreds of seed packets.  We now have the seeds we need to grow the garden, and to distribute to people who want to “Plant a Row for Good Cheer”.

Here are some photos of the “Day of Service”.

Removing willows      removing-willows1

Cleaning up the debris     debris-all-gone

Raking out the manure     raking-piles-of-manure

Ready to till!     ready-for-tilling

Sorting the Ed Hume seed donation    sorting-seeds1

All ages lending a hand     all-ages-lend-a-hand-sorting

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